[Vm-dev] StackInterpreterSimulatorLSB pragma--please verify working assumption

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sat Dec 7 14:55:11 UTC 2013

Hi Eliot,

Thx for the reply.

I am holding off diving into the Squeak code until I have a good working framework in my mind of the architecture; its a discipline I am imposing on myself to save time later.
That said, if you are curious, here is my methodology and the error


0. Platform is Slackware Linux on AMD64 with 32 bit compatability libraries installed. Squeak runs fine, some problems with Aio and SSL Plugins.
1. I am on Trunk/Squeak4.5-13352.image 
2. Once I have installed the prereq's per your site, I shut down and copy that image/changes to Squeak4.5.image/Squeak4.5.changes to use as the target for vm openOn:
3. As you do updates throughout the day, I upgrade VMMaker.oscog and repeat the process.
4. SSL and Aio modules do not load due to primitive fail, but OSPP works fine. Also althought Freetype installs fine on 4.4, I have get errors installing on 4.5, but I figured it was no big deal for now.


I Launch the StackInterpreter with a script for the comments:

| vm |
Transcript clear.
vm := StackInterpreterSimulator newWithOptions: #().
vm openOn: '/home/wm/usr/src/smalltalk/buildCogDevelopmentImageCog.app/Contents/Resources/Squeak4.5.image'.
"vm setBreakSelector: #&."  <--I commented this out.
vm openAsMorph; run

The StackInterpreterSimulatorLSB >>run inits find and enters its run loop:

    [true] whileTrue:
        [self assertValidExecutionPointers.
         atEachStepBlock value. "N.B. may be nil"
         self dispatchOn: currentBytecode in: BytecodeTable.  <--stack trace error starts here.
         self incrementByteCount].
    localIP := localIP - 1.

At StackInterpreterSimulatorLSB (StackInterreter)>>mapStackPages the following assertion fails:

                 self assert: ((self isMarriedOrWidowedContext: (self frameContext: theFP))
                            and: [(self frameOfMarriedContext: (self frameContext: theFP)) = theFP])].

The embeded Transcript (?) at the bottom left of the VM Morph shows this:

(131) Looking for primitiveDecompressFromByteArray in MiscPrimitivePlugin
Looking for module MiscPrimitivePlugin ... loaded
(80830) Looking for primitiveStringHash in MiscPrimitivePlugin
(82570) Looking for primDigitCompare in LargeIntegers
Looking for module LargeIntegers ... loaded
incrementalGC (308616 118795744)

The embedded Workspace (?) at the bottom right of the VM morph shows this:

Again, please don't waste time digging into this unless you think its something trivial. I anticipate being able to actively debug this within two weeks time (given my current pace of progress)



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