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Wed Dec 11 13:24:17 UTC 2013

David T. Lewis uploaded a new version of VMMaker to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMaker-dtl.331
Author: dtl
Time: 11 December 2013, 8:11:55.198 am
UUID: 468f31d3-f1b7-44d6-b67c-25b591adde55
Ancestors: VMMaker-dtl.330

VMMaker 4.12.9
BitBltSimulation>>lockSurfaces fix from VMMaker.oscog-eem.553
Bug reported by David Binderman:

=============== Diff against VMMaker-dtl.330 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: BitBltSimulation>>lockSurfaces (in category 'surface support') -----
  	"Get a pointer to the bits of any OS surfaces."
  	* For equal source/dest handles only one locking operation is performed.
  	This is to prevent locking of overlapping areas which does not work with
  	certain APIs (as an example, DirectDraw prevents locking of overlapping areas). 
  	A special case for non-overlapping but equal source/dest handle would 
  	be possible but we would have to transfer this information over to 
  	unlockSurfaces somehow (currently, only one unlock operation is 
  	performed for equal source and dest handles). Also, this would require
  	a change in the notion of ioLockSurface() which is right now interpreted
  	as a hint and not as a requirement to lock only the specific portion of
  	the surface.
  	* The arguments in ioLockSurface() provide the implementation with
  	an explicit hint what area is affected. It can be very useful to
  	know the max. affected area beforehand if getting the bits requires expensive
  	copy operations (e.g., like a roundtrip to the X server or a glReadPixel op).
  	However, the returned pointer *MUST* point to the virtual origin of the surface
  	and not to the beginning of the rectangle. The promise made by BitBlt
  	is to never access data outside the given rectangle (aligned to 4byte boundaries!!)
  	so it is okay to return a pointer to the virtual origin that is actually outside
  	the valid memory area.
  	* The area provided in ioLockSurface() is already clipped (e.g., it will always
  	be inside the source and dest boundingBox) but it is not aligned to word boundaries
  	yet. It is up to the support code to compute accurate alignment if necessary.
  	* Warping always requires the entire source surface to be locked because
  	there is no beforehand knowledge about what area will actually be traversed.
  	| sourceHandle destHandle l r t b fn |
  	<inline: true>
  	<var: #fn declareC:'sqInt (*fn)(sqInt, sqInt*, sqInt, sqInt, sqInt, sqInt)'>
  	hasSurfaceLock := false.
  	destBits = 0 ifTrue:["Blitting *to* OS surface"
  		lockSurfaceFn = 0 ifTrue:[self loadSurfacePlugin ifFalse:[^nil]].
  		fn := self cCoerce: lockSurfaceFn to: 'sqInt (*)(sqInt, sqInt*, sqInt, sqInt, sqInt, sqInt)'.
  		destHandle := interpreterProxy fetchInteger: FormBitsIndex ofObject: destForm.
  		(sourceBits = 0 and:[noSource not]) ifTrue:[
  			sourceHandle := interpreterProxy fetchInteger: FormBitsIndex ofObject: sourceForm.
  			"Handle the special case of equal source and dest handles"
  			(sourceHandle = destHandle) ifTrue:[
  				"If we have overlapping source/dest we lock the entire area
  				so that there is only one area transmitted"
  				isWarping ifFalse:[
  					"When warping we always need the entire surface for the source"
  					sourceBits := self cCode:'fn(sourceHandle, &sourcePitch, 0,0, sourceWidth, sourceHeight)'.
  				] ifTrue:[
  					"Otherwise use overlapping area"
  					l := sx min: dx. r := (sx max: dx) + bbW.
+ 					t := sy min: dy. b := (sy max: dy) + bbH.
- 					t := sy min: dy. b := (sy max: sy) + bbH.
  					sourceBits := self cCode:'fn(sourceHandle, &sourcePitch, l, t, r-l, b-t)'.
  				destBits := sourceBits.
  				destPitch := sourcePitch.
  				hasSurfaceLock := true.
  				^destBits ~~ 0
  			"Fall through - if not equal it'll be handled below"
  		destBits := self cCode:'fn(destHandle, &destPitch, dx, dy, bbW, bbH)'.
  		hasSurfaceLock := true.
  	(sourceBits == 0 and:[noSource not]) ifTrue:["Blitting *from* OS surface"
  		sourceHandle := interpreterProxy fetchInteger: FormBitsIndex ofObject: sourceForm.
  		lockSurfaceFn = 0 ifTrue:[self loadSurfacePlugin ifFalse:[^nil]].
  		fn := self cCoerce: lockSurfaceFn to: 'sqInt (*)(sqInt, sqInt*, sqInt, sqInt, sqInt, sqInt)'.
  		"Warping requiring the entire surface"
  		isWarping ifTrue:[
  			sourceBits := self cCode:'fn(sourceHandle, &sourcePitch, 0, 0, sourceWidth, sourceHeight)'.
  		] ifFalse:[
  			sourceBits := self cCode:'fn(sourceHandle, &sourcePitch, sx, sy, bbW, bbH)'.
  		hasSurfaceLock := true.
  	^destBits ~~ 0 and:[sourceBits ~~ 0 or:[noSource]].!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: VMMaker class>>versionString (in category 'version testing') -----
  	"VMMaker versionString"
+ 	^'4.12.9'!
- 	^'4.12.8'!

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