[Vm-dev] CompiledMethod display interpretation

Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 14 22:38:15 UTC 2013

Just so you are not heading astray, CM210 has *fewer* bytecodes than 
CM3931 and *many* of CM210's bytecodes are also in CM3931, but the 
former is not a subset of the latter, either by happenstance or some 
sort of magic sharing of bytecodes. They are just similar because they 
are compiled from similar source code.


On 12/14/13 4:29 PM, gettimothy wrote:
> 2. Misconception 1 happened because I wrongly thought the 
> 'CompiledMethod I had highlighted was the SAME compiled method for the 
> method, just displayed differentyl. .They are not--its obvious now 
> that I know where to look. CompiledMethod(210)  in the BlockContext vs 
> CompiledMethod(3931) in the methodDict of the test class I was using. 
> CompiledMethod(210) contains a subset of the bytecodes in 
> CompiledMethod(3931), but its header and number of literals are different.

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