[Vm-dev] "The tragedy of PIC" summary

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What is PIC? :)


On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 10:06 AM, stephane ducasse <
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> Hi eliot
> So I was reading the PhD of Holzle and I wanted to know
>         - I remember that at southampton (yes that far) you did a
> presentation on the tragedy of the PIC.
>         And I would not find the slides (because there were none).
>         What was the pitch? That megamorphic site are killing PIC?
>         - does VW use type feedback?
>         if yes, what were the strategies to decide what and when to
> recompile.
>         - I was wondering how type feedback and PIC interact (I'm at
> chapter 5 of the PhD so may be this is explain in the self implementation
> part)
>         the first case of the PIC could be based on type feedback?
> Stef


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