[Vm-dev] unit code for new faster bitblt

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Tue Jun 25 01:03:40 UTC 2013

On 24-06-2013, at 5:53 PM, Casey Ransberger <casey.obrien.r at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is it minor variance in syntax or are we talking the difference between at&t and intel assembler? How much assembly code is there? I wasn't able to find anything on this asasm, can you point me at something?

It turns out (I had no idea that it even existed, I've never made use of the root project) that it is part of the gcc-for-RISC OS project. There is a linux version (obviously, or I wouldn't have had the problem) which I was given along with the blt sources.

With no experience in using `gas` I can't really even guess at what the differences might be, though at least the actual instructions must surely be the same! Although, given the way of the world, maybe not. For an example, here is the asm file for the x11 helper routine, written for the same asasm tool
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