[Vm-dev] Suspect code in LittleEndianBitmap

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 22:30:49 UTC 2013

In recent COG, I see:

LittleEndianBitmap>>byteAt: byteAddress put: byte
    "Insert a byte into a Bitmap (little-endian version).  N.B. Signedness
will be lost since byteAt: answers non-negative values.
     We can add a signedByteAt: if needed."
    | value longWord shift lowBits longAddr |
    (byte < 0 or:[byte > 255]) ifTrue:[^self errorImproperStore].
    value := byte < 0
                ifTrue: [byte < 128 ifTrue:
                            [self errorImproperStore].

It looks suspect to me, wouldn't the intention be

                ifTrue: [byte < -128 ifTrue:
                            [self errorImproperStore].
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