[Vm-dev] Re: Check new directory structure for RiscOS build (was: [commit][2807] look for plugins.{int,ext,exc} in build, unix/cmake and src; parse plugin lists more robustly)

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sun Nov 17 05:52:39 UTC 2013

Thanks for the explanation. It certainly sounds good to me and I'll see what RISC OS vmakes of it when i get home. Getting all systems on the same track will be nice.

When I originally wrote vmmaker I wanted to use the same trick Eliot used to use for brouhaha sources - directories of sub component files with target platform directories consisting of links to the appropriate files. But sadly squeak didn't support links and so I couldn't think of a way to get that back in 2000. Of course most non unix OS didn't do 
Iinks anyway then, either; I'm not sure they do them properly even now.

Maybe it's a dumb idea but how about having some Svn branches for each platform, so that the right subset of the entire tree can be quickly downloaded without the 'waste' of unneeded files? And we really ought to develop the habit of tagging releases so one can get the right set of files for an older vm - I had great fun early this year trying to work out which revision was a match for the 4.0 vm I needed to build.

{insert witticism here}


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