[Vm-dev] VM on Windows with MingGW - Error with off_64 [solved]

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Tue Nov 19 09:16:59 UTC 2013

This building problem seems to be caused by a MinGW bug:


So, one solution for the time being is to edit io.h of the MinGW
distribution. Replace (line 301 and 302):

   1. __CRT_INLINE off64_t lseek64 (int, off64_t, int);
   2. __CRT_INLINE off64_t lseek64 (int fd, off64_t offset, int whence)


   1. __CRT_INLINE _off64_t lseek64 (int, _off64_t, int);
   2. __CRT_INLINE _off64_t lseek64 (int fd, _off64_t offset, int whence)

i.e. replace all occurences of *off64_t* with *_off64_t*

Then I found this:


I don't know where to change the g++ thing with CMake. Anyone knowing?

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