[Vm-dev] OSProcessPlugin: VMConstruction-Plugins-OSProcessPlugin-dtl.37.mcz

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Tue Oct 8 09:09:31 UTC 2013

Dave Lewis uploaded a new version of VMConstruction-Plugins-OSProcessPlugin to project OSProcessPlugin:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMConstruction-Plugins-OSProcessPlugin-dtl.37
Author: dtl
Time: 22 December 2012, 3:08:51 am
UUID: e3c06c1b-76d8-4025-9d13-5fe582618c62
Ancestors: VMConstruction-Plugins-OSProcessPlugin-dtl.36

OSProcessPlugin 4.5.1

Use an alternate signal stack to avoid consuming native stack space. This prevents stack usage problems when running on Cog (stack depth exceeded when a signal is being handled). Adapted from VMConstruction-Plugins-OSProcessPlugin.oscog-eem.38 with the following changes:

- Always use sigaltstack if the platform supports it (i.e. do not test for Cog).
- If SQ_ONSTACK is not defined, then assume the platform cannot support signalstack and use the default stack. Use macros to define away unsupportable code.
- Fix some type declarations to address int/pointer comparison
- Use #isDefined:inSmalltalk:comment:ifTrue:ifFalse:

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