[Vm-dev] primitiveQuit for the Interpreter VM

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Tue Oct 15 14:45:08 UTC 2013

> Levente pointed out that while Cog has this primitive, the Interpreter
> VM doesn't, and so his Inbox submission
> (http://source.squeak.org/inbox/System-ul.528.mcz) can't really go
> into Trunk yet.
> Given that this is something that I feel strongly about - I need this
> primitive so that builds will actually _fail_ and not continue trying
> random things on things in random states - it seems likely that I'll
> be the one to implement the thing.
> SO. How might I go about porting the Cog version? Do I simply start to
> Read the Source?

Sure, start by looking at the source. But also open a mantis issue in
category "VM", because IIRC there are C platform source changes involved
in addition to the Smalltalk, and you may want changes to the squeak start
script to pass the return value from the squeakvm executable back.

I recall doing a trivial implemention of this for the interpreter (which
is indeed trivial), but Eliot also added some platform support for reasons
that I can't recall at the moment (but maybe a search of vm-dev from that
time period will find it).


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