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Tue Sep 3 22:07:42 UTC 2013

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of Cog to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Cog-eem.68
Author: eem
Time: 3 September 2013, 3:07:33.011 pm
UUID: dbc8c75b-6e15-48ce-b17d-e37d1b1a8a96
Ancestors: Cog-eem.67

Fix class indices for LargePosi/NegativeInteger.
Fix shift in fillInPointerObject:from:.

=============== Diff against Cog-eem.67 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SpurBootstrap>>defineKnownClassIndices (in category 'class indices') -----
  	"The classTable is laid out
  		- to make it easy to map immediates to classes; the tag pattern of an immediate is its class index.
  		  hence there are two entries for SmallInteger
  		- to assign small indices to well-known classes such as Array, Message et al
  		- to leave plenty of room for new known classes; hence the first page contains only well-known classes
  		- to enable overlaps and avoid conflicts with indices in the specialObjectsArray (?really? eem)
  		- to provide a WeakArray pun for the pages of the table itself so that these do not show up as instances of WeakArray"
  	| classMethodContext classBlockClosure classMessage "no api method for these" |
  	classMessage := oldHeap splObj: (VMObjectIndices bindingOf: #ClassMessage) value.
  	classMethodContext := oldHeap splObj: (VMObjectIndices bindingOf: #ClassMethodContext) value.
  	classBlockClosure := oldHeap splObj: (VMObjectIndices bindingOf: #ClassBlockClosure) value.
  	"c.f. CogMemoryManager class>>intializeCompactClassIndices"
  		at: oldHeap classSmallInteger put: 1; "N.B. must fill-in index 3 manually"
  		at: oldHeap classCharacter put: 2;
  		"at: oldHeap classSmallInteger put: 3" "N.B. must fill-in index 3 manually"
  		"leave room for up to 15 tagged classes"
  		"leave room for up to 16 puns"
+ 		at: oldHeap classLargeNegativeInteger put: 32;
+ 		at: oldHeap classLargePositiveInteger put: 33;
- 		at: oldHeap classLargePositiveInteger put: 32;
- 		at: oldHeap classLargeNegativeInteger put: 33;
  		at: oldHeap classFloat put: 34;
  		at: "oldHeap" classMessage put: 35;
  		at: "oldHeap" classMethodContext put: 36;
  		at: "oldHeap" classBlockClosure put: 37;
  		at: oldHeap classSemaphore put: 48;
  		at: oldHeap classMutex put: 49;
  		at: oldHeap classByteArray put: 50;
  		at: oldHeap classArray put: 51;
  		at: oldHeap classString put: 52;
  		at: oldHeap classBitmap put: 53;
  		at: oldHeap classPoint put: 54;
  		at: oldHeap classExternalAddress put: 128;
  		at: oldHeap classExternalData put: 129;
  		at: oldHeap classExternalFunction put: 130;
  		at: oldHeap classExternalLibrary put: 131;
  		at: oldHeap classExternalStructure put: 132;
  		at: oldHeap classAlien put: 133;
  		at: oldHeap classUnsafeAlien put: 133!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SpurBootstrap>>fillInPointerObject:from: (in category 'bootstrap') -----
  fillInPointerObject: newObj from: oldObj
+ 	0 to: (oldHeap lastPointerOf: oldObj) / oldHeap bytesPerWord - 1 do:
- 	0 to: (oldHeap lastPointerOf: oldObj) >> 4 - 1 do:
  		[:i| | oldValue newValue |
  		oldValue := oldHeap fetchPointer: i ofObject: oldObj.
  		newValue := (oldHeap isIntegerObject: oldValue)
  						ifTrue: [oldValue]
  							[map at: oldValue ifAbsent:
+ 								[oldValue = oldHeap characterTable
+ 									ifTrue: [newHeap nilObject]
+ 									ifFalse:
+ 										[self assert: (oldHeap fetchClassOfNonInt: oldValue) = oldHeap classCharacter.
+ 										 newHeap characterObjectOf:
+ 											(oldHeap integerValueOf:
+ 												(oldHeap fetchPointer: CharacterValueIndex ofObject: oldValue))]]].
- 								[self assert: (oldHeap fetchClassOfNonInt: oldValue) = oldHeap classCharacter.
- 								 newHeap characterObjectOf:
- 									(oldHeap integerValueOf:
- 										(oldHeap fetchPointer: CharacterValueIndex ofObject: oldValue))]].
  			storePointerUnchecked: i
  			ofObject: newObj
  			withValue: newValue]!

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