[Vm-dev] GNUification, Clang

Casey Ransberger casey.obrien.r at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 07:24:27 UTC 2013

I'd like to understand what goes on with the GNUify step. Where in VMMaker
should I look to start understanding that part? Is there documentation
somewhere I should look at to educate myself about it?

I remember that at one point there was some discussion of performance
issues after building the system with Clang. I'm curious about that. Still
a thing, or just stuff the LLVM crowd hadn't gotten round to optimizing at
the time? Would "Clangification" help? Hence, wanting to know what
GNUification does.

Again, sorry about the noise. Googling "gnuify squeak vm" seems to give me
commit messages, which isn't really what I'm after.

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