[Vm-dev] [HowTo] Compile CogVM for Windows 7 using MinGW/MSYS

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Wed Sep 25 07:27:38 UTC 2013

Dear Stephane, all

Am 25.09.2013 um 08:04 schrieb stephane ducasse <stephane.ducasse at gmail.com>:

> Tobias
> did you check all the work that igor and esteban did to make sure that 
> all the vms can compile automatically on the build servers?

No I did check not, but I am actually aware that the Pharo community
has spend quite an effort to automatize the VM building process.
  Kudos to you, Igor, Esteban, Mariano and whoever helped to make that
  I know that the Pharo-flavour of Squeak by default includes
Native Boost and constantly tries to sync with Eliot's VMMaker.oscog

So let me try to summarize all existing VM building systems
NOT including what goes on in the VMMaker* packages.

• squeak-vm trunk (http://squeakvm.org/svn/squeak/trunk/platforms/):
	win32: MYSY/MinGW, hand-written ./configure, hand-written templated Makefile
	unix: CMake, host-compiler (mostly GCC 4)	Ian's comment: # Yes, it's true: you can write makefiles in COBOL.
	carbon (alias Mac OS): Xcode, Errors by default to not be used
	cocoa (alias iOS, for iPhone/OSX): Xcode
	RiscOS: Hand-written MakeFile (is this right, Tim?)
• squeak-vm/stack-vm/Newspeak-vm cog branch (http://squeakvm.org/svn/squeak/branches/Cog/):
	win32: cygwin, gcc3, hand-written Makefile, ./mvm shell script
	osx (using carbon): Xcode, gcc4, clang partly (llvm-gcc?), ./mvm shell script wrapper, ./makevm shell script wrapper
	unix: autoconf/automake, gcc
	RiscOS: ?
• gitorious-hosted cog-vm (https://gitorious.org/cogvm/blessed) [1]
	win32: CMake, using MSYS/MinGW
	osx: CMake, Xcode llvm-gcc not supported, seems to be based on the iOS/cocoa branch
	unix: CMake, gcc.
	Cmake-files generated by CMakeVMMaker.
	clones, use same build system:
	• pharo-vm (https://gitorious.org/cogvm/pharovm)
	• oz-vm ((https://gitorious.org/cogvm/ozvm)

That makes, by my counting, 8 distinct build systems. Note that the 
CMake source for trunk-unix differs from the gitorious hosted one;
the trunk-unix one is handwritten by Ian, the gitorious one generated
by CMakeVMMaker.

Did I forget some?


[1] I think, this is the source you meant, Stephane?
    PS: The wiki link on http://code.google.com/p/cog/wiki/Guide points nowhere.
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