[Vm-dev] [HowTo] Compile CogVM for Windows 7 using MinGW/MSYS

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 20:30:26 UTC 2013

>> If people want to use our jenkins farm they simply can (just ask for an account and this is it).
> Thank you for that great offer!
>> We will continue improving it and use it to control the complexity. We are working on building a benchmark server.
>> Now if people prefer to do it manually, they also can, we just do not want. 
> Understandable. There are always some small thing you just want to change,
> and that is the point where one might want to compile manually. For
> example, in Marcel's case, he just needed a Windows VM that has no
> memory-cap of 512 MB, and he just wanted to compile a Cog VM with
> more Memory. Setting up an automated build for this small task 
> seems overkill to me.

Tobias my point is that you can
	- copy a jenkins job :) there is even a button for that :)
	- second you can just take a process of a build and reuse the CMake generattion made by igor so the process is **documented** 
	and always exercised. So you do not have to set up a jenkins job but you can use the infrastructure put in place.
	At least I would not try to redo the work done by igor just use/modify/extend it
	 because I prefer to do something else with the time I can gain.


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