[Vm-dev] Change notification: SqueakSource transition to a new server

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Mon Sep 30 01:14:46 UTC 2013

For many years, SqueakSource has been hosted by the Software Composition
Group and the University of Bern, providing a valuable resource to the
Squeak and Pharo community. The maintainers of SqueakSource at SCG have
kindly offered to support a transition of this service to a server maintained
by the Squeak community, and the Squeak oversight board has agreed to
take responsibility for maintaining that service.

Effective October 1, 2013 or thereabouts, the squeaksource.com address
will be redirected to a new server. This change may impact you in the
following ways:

1) Files that have been committed to SqueakSource since August 22, 2013
may be missing after the switch. We expect to identify and restore any
such missing files within a few days following the change, but until this
is complete, some recent repository updates will be temporarily missing.

2) If you are the owner of a project on SqueakSource, and have recently
(since August 22) made changes to your project such as adding new developer
authorizations, those recent changes may be lost. We will attempt to
identify problems such as this, but it may be necessary for you to redo
the changes.

3) Outbound mail notifications from SqueakSource will be disabled. If
your project is configured to send mail to a mailing list or to yourself
when commits are made, that mail will not be sent. This feature will be
restored in the future, but will not be available immediately after the

No changes have been made to existing SqueakSource policies, and at the
present time creation of new projects on squeaksource.com remains disabled.


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