[Vm-dev] Re: SystemTracing: SystemTracing-dtl.25.mcz

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Tue Apr 8 16:34:20 UTC 2014

Apologies for the flurry of updates from squeaksource.com. This was
apparently some sort of problem on squeaksource.com. Unfortunately, I
don't know the cause, and the site is functioning normally today.

For the time being, I have put these updates on moderated status. If the
problem does not recur, I will re-enable the normal updates a few days
from now.


> Dave Lewis uploaded a new version of SystemTracing to project
> SystemTracing:
> http://www.squeaksource.com/SystemTracing/SystemTracing-dtl.25.mcz
> ==================== Summary ====================
> Name: SystemTracing-dtl.25
> Author: dtl
> Time: 4 December 2012, 8:05:17 am
> UUID: 84fb9f54-d512-4ef1-83d4-e2944b3239be
> Ancestors: SystemTracing-dtl.24
> Add SystemTracer64 class>>traceTo64Script to provide an executable start
> script that documents the process of tracing a 32-bit image to 64-bit
> format.

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