[Vm-dev] SqueakSSL and libtool

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Wed Apr 9 21:28:52 UTC 2014

Thank you for the data point, Igor.

That would imply using DDD against the running process with traps in the source code to track it down.

Both running the pre-built pharo and building it will be good test-cases to see if its a platform issue (Slackware64 with 32 bit compat libs) or a Squeak issue.

Thank you for your input.


---- On Wed, 09 Apr 2014 14:14:46 -0700 Igor Stasenko<siguctua at gmail.com> wrote ---- 

If my memory serves me well, the ssl plugin makefiles designed only to work as external plugin, and it cannot be linked statically with VM, hence you got these errors.

Can't help with solving the problem, since i translated it once to work with Cmake
 to be part of Pharo VM and not quite willing to return to same problem again (i hope you understand very well why :)

Btw, you can just take a prebuilt pharo VM binary which comes with ssl plugin

 at get.pharo.org.

Or try building yourself , as described in readme here:

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