[Vm-dev] Re: Pharo VM bug 11130

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Fri Apr 11 18:43:22 UTC 2014

(Nicolas, do you use fogbugz?)
Igor wrote on the issue tracker:

So, i tried to build Nicolas'es commit 

and after fixing #superClassOrder: (by simply removing a call to it), ive managed to build VM.
However this code still fails:

1 to: 1000 do: [ :i |
        | string |
        Transcript show: 'Iteration '; show: i; cr.
        1 timesRepeat: [
            (string := String new: 1000 withAll: $a)

(you need Transcript window open for it to fail)
Edited by Igor Stasenko 4/11/2014 (Today) 4:29 PM  
-- built a debug version of VM, reveals no assertions, nothing
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