[Vm-dev] CMakeMaker--whaddya think?

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Wed Apr 16 00:08:39 UTC 2014

Hi all.

Unless I am talked out of it , I am going to generate the CMMake "stuff" from Smalltalk classes similar to the way that VMMaker generates source code.

My reasons are:
      1. source control is Monticello. (and if you generate the source tree, the pharo folks can use that to pipe into git--so that sorta-kinda-syncs things up a bit)
      2. modification and maintenance is in Squeak.
      3. it should be fun.
      4. Modular (looking at the CMake generators, it just begs for OOP approach)
      5. Each plugin is responsible for its own CMakeLists.txt (i.e. cmake configuration file)

whaddya think?

Also, if you are ok with the idea, what do you want it named? Do you want some classes added to VMMaker or do you want something elsewhere?

p.s. I am suffering from a bit of Spring Fever and took the weekend and Monday and most of today off. 
I am still studying CMaker before I even look at the existing project for Interpreter and I will probably not look at the existing Interpreter CMake project until I go through
the exercise of writing my own from scratch (unless I fall flat on my face, then I will take a peek (:  )

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