[Vm-dev] Clarification needed for sqCompareAndSwapRes

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 22:40:07 UTC 2014

In platforms/Cross/vm/sqAtomicOps.h a comment tells

* sqCompareAndSwapRes(var,old,new,res) arranges atomically that if var's
* is equal to old, then var's value is set to new, and that in any case, res
* is set to the previous value of var.

But for some implementation, if var==old, res is first set to var (old)
then to new which is the new value of var:

#if defined(__GNUC__) && (defined(i386) || defined(__i386) ||
defined(__i386__) || defined(_X86_))
# define sqCompareAndSwap(var,old,new) OSAtomicCompareAndSwap32(old, new, &var)
/* N.B.  This is not atomic in fetching var's old value :( */
# define sqCompareAndSwapRes(var,old,new,res) do { res = var; if
(OSAtomicCompareAndSwap32(old, new, &var)) res = new; } while (0)

Indeed, comparedAndSwap32 will answer true if var==old as explained here

That is going to be a problem in lockSignalQueue in
because variable old will then be 1 in all cases and the loop won't exit
once the lock acquired:

static inline void lockSignalQueue()
    volatile int old;
    /* spin to obtain a lock */

    do {
        sqCompareAndSwapRes(sigLock, 0, 1, old );
    } while (old != 0);


Knowing we are on iphone, I would just write it:

static inline void lockSignalQueue()
    /* spin to obtain a lock */
    do {
    } while (! OSAtomicCompareInt32(sigLock, 0, 1));

Esteban "fixed" that by swapping the arguments in the macrosqCompareAndSwapRes
But IMO, this is wrong, as I understand it, it completely desactivates the

I did not know about the problem, but found the diff with Eliot's branch
very suspicious so I opened

and pulled a request https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo-vm/pull/38 for
restoring (the supposedly wrong) Eliot's version.

Now I need some guru advice, because this kind of code is brainfucking
(especially when old in sender is not old in sendee).

Do you agree that TARGET_OS_IS_IPHONE branch is wrong?
Do you agree that Esteban's fix is wrong?
What do you suggest for a fix?


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