[Vm-dev] VM on Solaris (was: Camera sig fault on 64 bits machines.)

Andreas Wacknitz a.wacknitz at gmx.de
Tue Apr 22 19:05:46 UTC 2014

This evening I further dealt with the problems on OpenSolaris (openindiana).
I finally got a pthread version running without superuser rights. But I don’t know whether this will really work (ATM it does for me)
because I removed the call to pthread_setschedparam in beatStateMachine leaving the heartbeat thread with the same
priority than the vm thread. I tried to replace the pthread_setschedparam call with a similar pthread_setschedprio call but
with no luck (same problem: failed call with "Not owner"). I don’t know wether this is a general problem with the pthreads implementation
on Solaris or just a problem with the gcc version (4.4.4) coming with the openindiana distribution I am using. Maybe this works only
with the compilers and libraries that is delivered by Oracle (Solaris 10 ships with gcc 3.4.3; Solaris Studio has its own compilers).

Second, I needed to change the implementation of ioUpdateVMTimezone because Solaris does not have time_t->tm_gmtoff.
There seem to be copies of this function in all three heartbeat files with the one in sqUnixITimerHeartbeat.c working for those OS’s without

NativeBoost doesn’t seem to work yet (at least UnixEnvironment>>environ raises an error: „failed to get a symbol address: environ“).

This VM gives me 686787391 bytecodes/sec and 80516849 sends/sec on my 6 years old Sun Ultra 24 (2,4GHz Intel Q9300).
I get similar values for the VM with pthread_setschedparam call and superuser rights.
My 4 years old iMac (2,8GHz Core i5) gives me 829149797 bytecodes/sec; 117122195 sends/sec.
So the results seem comparable.


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