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Sat Aug 9 18:29:29 UTC 2014

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of Cog to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Cog-eem.183
Author: eem
Time: 9 August 2014, 11:29:12.516 am
UUID: f37551e3-a5fa-4344-b65c-f2496bd47800
Ancestors: Cog-eem.182

Bootstrap needs to adjust pcs in contexts and closures on
methods that have primitives.

=============== Diff against Cog-eem.182 ===============

Item was changed:
  Object subclass: #SpurBootstrap
+ 	instanceVariableNames: 'oldHeap newHeap oldHeapSize newHeapSize oldHeapNumObjs newHeapNumObjs map reverseMap classToIndex oldInterpreter lastClassTablePage literalMap methodClasses installedPrototypes sizeSym rehashSym classMetaclass imageTypes classMethodContextIndex classBlockClosureIndex'
- 	instanceVariableNames: 'oldHeap newHeap oldHeapSize newHeapSize oldHeapNumObjs newHeapNumObjs map reverseMap classToIndex oldInterpreter lastClassTablePage literalMap methodClasses installedPrototypes sizeSym rehashSym classMetaclass imageTypes'
  	classVariableNames: 'ImageHeaderFlags ImageName ImageScreenSize TransformedImage'
  	poolDictionaries: 'VMObjectIndices'
  	category: 'Cog-Bootstrapping'!
  !SpurBootstrap commentStamp: 'eem 9/11/2013 05:45' prior: 0!
  SpurBootstrap bootstraps an image in SpurMemoryManager format from a Squeak V3 + closures format.
  	(SpurBootstrap32 new on: '/Users/eliot/Cog/startreader.image')
  Bootstrap issues:
  - should it implement a deterministic Symbol identityHash? This means set a Symbol's identityHash at instance creation time
    based on its string hash so that e.g. MethodDIctionary instances have a deterministic order and don't need to be rehashed on load.
  - should it collapse ContextPart and MethodContext down onto Context (and perhaps eliminate BlockContext)?
  Instance Variables
  	classToIndex:			<Dictionary>
  	lastClassTablePage:	<Integer>
  	map:					<Dictionary>
  	methodClasses:		<Set>
  	newHeap:				<SpurMemoryManager>
  	oldHeap:				<NewObjectMemory>
  	oldInterpreter:			<StackInterpreterSimulator>
  	reverseMap:			<Dictionary>
  	symbolMap:				<Dictionary>
  	- oldClass to new classIndex map
  	- oop in newHeap of last classTable page.  U<sed in validation to filter-out class table.
  	- cache of methodClassAssociations for classes in which modified methods are installed
  	- oldObject to newObject map
  	- the output, bootstrapped image
  	- the input, image
  	- the interpreter associated with oldHeap, needed for a hack to grab WeakArray
  	- newObject to oldObject map
  	- symbol toi symbol oop in oldHeap, used to map prototype methdos to methods in oldHeap!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SpurBootstrap>>defineKnownClassIndices (in category 'class indices') -----
  	"The classTable is laid out
  		- to make it easy to map immediates to classes; the tag pattern of an immediate is its class index.
  		  hence there are two entries for SmallInteger
  		- to assign small indices to well-known classes such as Array, Message et al
  		- to leave plenty of room for new known classes; hence the first page contains only well-known classes
  		- to enable overlaps and avoid conflicts with indices in the specialObjectsArray (?really? eem)
  		- to provide a WeakArray pun for the pages of the table itself so that these do not show up as instances of WeakArray"
  	| classMethodContext classBlockClosure classMessage "no api method for these" |
  	classMessage := oldHeap splObj: (VMObjectIndices bindingOf: #ClassMessage) value.
  	classMethodContext := oldHeap splObj: (VMObjectIndices bindingOf: #ClassMethodContext) value.
  	classBlockClosure := oldHeap splObj: (VMObjectIndices bindingOf: #ClassBlockClosure) value.
  	"c.f. SpurMemoryManager class>>intializeCompactClassIndices".
  	classToIndex keysDo:
  		self assert: (oldInterpreter addressCouldBeClassObj: oldClass)].
  		at: oldHeap classSmallInteger put: 1; "N.B. must fill-in index 3 manually"
  		at: oldHeap classCharacter put: 2;
  		"at: oldHeap classSmallInteger put: 3" "N.B. must fill-in index 3 manually"
  		"leave room for up to 15 tagged classes"
  		"leave room for up to 16 puns"
  		at: oldHeap classLargeNegativeInteger put: 32;
  		at: oldHeap classLargePositiveInteger put: 33;
  		at: oldHeap classFloat put: 34;
  		at: "oldHeap" classMessage put: 35;
+ 		at: "oldHeap" classMethodContext put: (classMethodContextIndex := 36);
+ 		at: "oldHeap" classBlockClosure put: (classBlockClosureIndex := 37);
- 		at: "oldHeap" classMethodContext put: 36;
- 		at: "oldHeap" classBlockClosure put: 37;
  		at: oldHeap classSemaphore put: 48;
  		"at: oldHeap classMutex put: 49; see below"
  		at: oldHeap classByteArray put: 50;
  		at: oldHeap classArray put: 51;
  		at: oldHeap classString put: 52;
  		at: oldHeap classBitmap put: 53;
  		at: oldHeap classPoint put: 54.
  	{{oldHeap classMutex. 49}.
  	 {oldHeap classExternalAddress. 128}.
  	 {oldHeap classExternalData. 129}.
  	 {oldHeap classExternalFunction. 130}.
  	 {oldHeap classExternalLibrary. 131}.
  	 {oldHeap classExternalStructure. 132}.
  	 {oldHeap classAlien. 133}.
  	 {oldHeap classUnsafeAlien. 134}}
  		do: [:pair|
  			[:oop :index|
  			oop ~= oldHeap nilObject ifTrue:
  				[classToIndex at: oop put: index]] valueWithArguments: pair].
  	classToIndex keysDo:
  		self assert: (oldInterpreter addressCouldBeClassObj: oldClass)]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SpurBootstrap>>fillInObjects (in category 'bootstrap image') -----
  	oldHeap allObjectsDo:
  		(map at: oldObj ifAbsent: nil) ifNotNil:
+ 			[:newObj| | format classIndex |
+ 			format := newHeap formatOf: newObj.
+ 			(newHeap isPointersFormat: format)
+ 				ifTrue:
+ 					[((newHeap isIndexableFormat: format)
+ 						and: [(classIndex := newHeap classIndexOf: newObj) <= classBlockClosureIndex
+ 						and: [classIndex >= classMethodContextIndex]])
+ 						ifTrue: [self fillInPointerObjectWithPC: newObj from: oldObj]
+ 						ifFalse: [self fillInPointerObject: newObj from: oldObj]]
- 			[:newObj|
- 			(newHeap isCompiledMethod: newObj)
- 				ifTrue: [self fillInCompiledMethod: newObj from: oldObj]
+ 					[(newHeap isCompiledMethodFormat: format)
+ 						ifTrue: [self fillInCompiledMethod: newObj from: oldObj]
- 					[(newHeap isPointersNonImm: newObj)
- 						ifTrue: [self fillInPointerObject: newObj from: oldObj]
  						ifFalse: [self fillInBitsObject: newObj from: oldObj]]]]!

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: SpurBootstrap>>fillInPointerObjectWithPC:from: (in category 'bootstrap image') -----
+ fillInPointerObjectWithPC: newObj from: oldObj
+ 	"Fill-in a newObj with appropriately mapped contents from oldObj.
+ 	 If the object has a pc and its method has a primitive, increment the
+ 	 pc by the size of the callPrimitive: bytecode."
+ 	| method |
+ 	self fillInPointerObject: newObj from: oldObj.
+ 	(newHeap classIndexOf: newObj) = classBlockClosureIndex ifTrue:
+ 		[method := oldHeap
+ 						fetchPointer: MethodIndex
+ 						ofObject: (oldHeap
+ 									fetchPointer: ClosureOuterContextIndex
+ 									ofObject: oldObj).
+ 		 (oldInterpreter primitiveIndexOf: method) > 0 ifTrue:
+ 			[self incrementPCField: ClosureStartPCIndex ofObject: newObj by: 3]].
+ 	(newHeap classIndexOf: newObj) = classMethodContextIndex ifTrue:
+ 		[method := oldHeap
+ 						fetchPointer: MethodIndex
+ 						ofObject: oldObj.
+ 		 (oldInterpreter primitiveIndexOf: method) > 0 ifTrue:
+ 			[self incrementPCField: InstructionPointerIndex ofObject: newObj by: 3]].!

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: SpurBootstrap>>incrementPCField:ofObject:by: (in category 'bootstrap image') -----
+ incrementPCField: fieldIndex ofObject: newObj by: n
+ 	| value |
+ 	value := newHeap fetchPointer: fieldIndex ofObject: newObj.
+ 	(newHeap isIntegerObject: value)
+ 		ifTrue:
+ 			[newHeap
+ 				storePointerUnchecked: fieldIndex
+ 				ofObject: newObj
+ 				withValue: (newHeap integerObjectOf: n + (newHeap integerValueOf: value))]
+ 		ifFalse:
+ 			[self assert: value = newHeap nilObject]!

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