[Vm-dev] vmmaker and plugins on squeak for raspberry pi

Juan smalltalker.marcelo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 21:14:32 UTC 2014


 I'm trying to develop squeak virtual machine on Raspberry pi.
  I need to create a plugin to access the GPIO.
 My problem is that the squeak of rbp not have the sources of the plugins
 even brings vmmaker.

Someone suggested   try to download sources from squeakvm.org.
But i don't know wich version is for raspberry pi, none is indicated for
will be riscos version ?

a few questions:

1) Which version of vmmaker  i have to use to build the vm of rapsberry?
2) Has vmmaker dependencies?
3) how to load ?
4) which is the order ?
 5) which versions ?

I appreciate any help
best ( happy new year)

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