[Vm-dev] re: building on Darwin (Mac Unix)

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Tue Jan 14 04:03:37 UTC 2014

Hi Esteban--

> take a look at: https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo-vm and its
> readme... all what you need *should* be there :)

     Thanks! I got a working VM out of it, but there were a few broken
parts. Apparently the "codegen-scripts" directory got renamed to
"scripts", but the old name is still floating around
(extract-commit-info.sh didn't get run so vmVersionInfo.h didn't get
made, and other things complained).

     Also, the Homebrew integration is brittle. I ended up having to
build the third-party stuff with brew manually, and comment out all the
third-party add_subdirectory lines in CMakeLists.txt. Finally, I had to
add "#import <OpenGL/gl.h>" to sqSqueakOSXOpenGLView.h. I don't see how
it could have built without that...

     thanks again,


Craig Latta
+1 510 984 8117
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