[Vm-dev] StackInterpreter "simulation image" and options

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Thu Jan 16 16:10:25 UTC 2014

I am hosting (? correct term)  the StackInterpreterSimulator on Squeak4.5-13352.image running Cog. 

I instruct the simulator to use a copy of that image that I have renamed to Squeak4.5.image.

| vm |
Transcript clear.
vm := StackInterpreterSimulator newWithOptions: #().
vm openOn: 'home/tty/usr/src/smalltalk/buildCogDevelopmentImageCog.app/Contents/Resources/Squeak4.5.image'.

The simulation runs, but the simulated World does not respond to mouse clicks (the control panel of the Simulator works just fine).

I would like to rule out a missing option in the newWithOptions: #() line 

Specifically the "type of VM options in VMBasicConstants:


1. To my way of thinking, since I am running a StackInterpreterSimulator, passing the option #STACKVM makes no sense. 
2. Also--if I remember correctly--when first running Cog on a StackVM (?) image, it prompts the user that running Cog will make the image unusable for the StackInterpreter. 
3. Therefore telling the StackIntepreterSimulator to expect a COGVM image makes no sense either.
4. Equally perplexing is the fact that the simulation does run -- it is just stuck in idle--which tells me I am incorrect about 2. above.

I will be poking around in the guts of things in the mean time.



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