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Fri May 8 00:31:31 UTC 2015

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of Cog to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Cog-eem.266
Author: eem
Time: 7 May 2015, 5:31:17.683 pm
UUID: a83acca6-5c73-499d-94d6-db13532db976
Ancestors: Cog-eem.265

Correct a typo.  This version works; the problem is
replacing older incorrect versions in trunk.

=============== Diff against Cog-eem.265 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SpurBootstrapMonticelloPackagePatcher>>patchAndUploadAllInTrunk (in category 'patching') -----
  	"Look for all versions in the default repository that have patched versions there-in.
  	 Download and patch them and upload the patched versions (overwriting the older ones)."
  	"(SpurBootstrapMonticelloPackagePatcher new
  		from: 'trunkpackages'
  		to: 'spurpackages')
  	| seed trunk sourceRepo cacheRepo |
  	seed := 'Are you really sure you want to do this?\It should happen only once!!' withCRs.
  	3 timesRepeat:
  		[(UIManager confirm: seed) ifFalse: [^self].
  		 seed := seed copyReplaceAll: 'really ' with: 'really, really '].
  	sourceDir assureExistence; deleteLocalFiles.
  	destDir assureExistence; deleteLocalFiles.
  	sourceRepo := MCDirectoryRepository directory: sourceDir.
  	cacheRepo := MCCacheRepository default.
  	(trunk := self trunk) cacheAllFileNamesDuring:
  		[| latestBranches latestUnbranched |
  		latestBranches := self packages collect:
  							(trunk versionNamesForPackageNamed: package name, '.spur') detectMin: [:vn | vn asMCVersionName versionNumber]].
  		latestUnbranched := latestBranches collect:
  								(trunk versionNamed: (verName copyReplaceAll: '.spur' with: '') asMCVersionName) info ancestors first versionName].
  		((trunk possiblyNewerVersionsOfAnyOf: latestUnbranched)
  			reject: [:unpatched| unpatched includesSubString: '.spur'])
  			do: [:unpatched|
+ 				"it is claimed that whether a repository contains a .mcz or a .mcd is irrelevant.  At least for the cache repository that's not true."
- 				"it is claimed that whether a repository contains a .mcz or a .mcd is irrelevant.  At least for the cache repositoriy that's not true."
  				sourceRepo storeVersion: (self cachedNonDiffyVersionNamed: unpatched from: trunk)].
  		 self patchAsNeeded.
  		 self uploadFrom: (MCDirectoryRepository directory: destDir) to: trunk]!

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