[Vm-dev] Adding Squeak3D plugin to Cog VMMaker

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Thu Nov 19 06:16:00 UTC 2015

I’d like to add the Squeak3D plugin to the Cog VMMaker world. 

Balloon-Engine-Pools is already in the VMMaker repository and included when making a cog vmmaker image with Eliot’s build scripts. (it appears to be identical to the squeaksource.com/Balloon3D/Balloon3D-Constants class except for the class category)

squeaksource.com/Balloon3D/Balloon3D-Plugins files in without problem BUT needs a single method changed in order to generate; the problems are
a) I don’t have write access to the repository
b) the change needed clashes with the trunk interpreter’s needs; the implementations of #buildCodeGeneratorUpTo: differs markedly and the Cog system needs a couple of added message sends after adding the subclasses of B3DEnginePlugin
We’ll need to talk about that.

From the looks of it we’d need to add the Balloon3D repository + Balloon3D-Plugins to the ‘manifest’ in BuildSqueakSpurTrunkVMMakerImage.st 
Perhaps the different B3DEnginePlugin class>>#translateInDirectory:doInlining: could be in a separate package also added to the manifest list? 

The cog VMMaker needs a trivial change that can be made once the above are solved. I think that’s it.

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