[Vm-dev] New versions of primitives 186 and 187 with inverted logic?

Denis Kudriashov dionisiydk at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 16:16:34 UTC 2016


We already discuss it in another thread. And I want to make little

I propose new lock primitives #acquireLock and #tryAcquireLock. They should
be based on existed ownership primitives 186 and 187 but with inverted

acquireLock should return true if lock was established by this call. It
should return false if lock was already established by current process.

tryAcquireLock should doing same as acquireLock. But if lock already
acquired by another process primitive should return nil immediately without

Eliot, do you already implemented it?
if you have no time yet could you say me new primitive numbers? And I will
try it myself.

It will be nice to get new prims for Pharo5 release.

Best regards,
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