[Vm-dev] x64 FFI plugin

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 04:26:35 UTC 2016

Hi Esteban, Hi All,

    I thought I'd help by doing the ThreadedFFIPlugin subclass for x64.
 turns out that the System V x86-64 ABI and the Win64 x86-64 ABI are
sufficiently different that I'm splitting it across two classes.  But in
doing so I've had a moment of clarity (increasingly rare these days ;-) ).

I've finally realised that Andreas put the type information in the right
place, and that there is (I think) sufficient type information for structs
to be parsed correctly.

Andreas puts the type information in the first literal of the method
containing the FFI call.  (There is also an eval form where the function is
passed in).  The point here is that the type information is associated with
the function, and hence with the function's signature.  This is correct.

In VisualWorks a big mistake was made by putting the type information in
the actual parameter, so if one accidentally passes a parameter of the
wrong type (types are only checked in debug mode) then it can be marshalled

This difference is really important with the System V x86-64 AB, because
the ABI uses register parameters, 6 integer register args and 8
floating-point register args, and will pass fields of a struct in available
registers of either type as available.  So if one passes just the following

struct foo { long a; double b; long c; double d; long e; double f; long g;
double h; long i; double j; long k; double l; long m; double n; long o;
double p; long q; double r; long s; double t; }

to a function declared as (long one, double two, struct foo), a,b,c,d & e
get passed in integer registers (along with one), and b,d,f,h,j,l & n get
passed in xmm registers (along with two), while g,i,k,m,n,o,p,q,r,s & t get
passed on the stack (strange but true).

I had thought that this implies we need to generate machine code specific
to each signature to efficiently marshall calls.  But because the type
information is flat, easily parsed and specific to each function rather
than (as in VW) to a particular set of actual parameters, the interpreted
approach we're currently using should at least be correct.  So any
marshalling code generation can be left as an optimization exercise, rather
than an explicit requirement to achieve correctness.

I hope to have the ThreadedX64SysVFFIPlugin written and tested before the
end of the month.

best, Eliot
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