[Vm-dev] primitiveDisplayString anomaly

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 18:30:00 UTC 2016

Hi All,  Hi Tim R,

    in looking at a different issue I've noticed that string display seems
to be falling to use the primitive in many cases.  I'm running a trunk
image with the REPL (spur reader.image) in the simulator and I'm seeing
that the very first use (and subsequent uses) of primitiveDisplayString is
failing because the sourceForm's sourceBits is too short.

In loadBitBltSourceForm see that
  sourceWidth 16r66E 1646
  sourceheight 16rE 14
  sourceDepth 16r10 16
  sourcePPW 2
  sourcePitch 16rCDC 3292
  sourcePitch * sourceHeight 46088
  sourceBitsSize 16r744E 29774
yet we expect sourceBitsSize >= sourcePitch * sourceHeight

Could something be wrong with our layout of font forms?  Anyway, pointing
this out because this could be losing us a lot of performance, and I don't
understand the graphics system well enough to feel confident fixing this.
Any takers?

best, Eliot
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