[Vm-dev] Re: [Poll] Who is interested in, thinking about, or already contributing to a 64-bit OpenSmalltalk VM for Windows?

Henrik Sperre Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Tue Jul 12 21:29:12 UTC 2016

Eliot Miranda-2 wrote
> Hi Marcel,
>> On Jul 12, 2016, at 12:24 PM, marcel.taeumel <

> Marcel.Taeumel@

> > wrote:
>> Hi Nicolas,
>> I suppose there are several places in some low-level parts of Cog/Jit
>> where
>> Long and Pointer-Type are used interchangeably. One would have to fix
>> that
>> first. Only then, we can start caring for interfacing the win-api
>> correctly.
> That's right.  Throughout the Cogit is the assumption that sizeof(long) ==
> sizeof(sqInt) == sizeof(void *).  That's why I'm hoping we can use a C
> compiler which obeys this for win64.  It is nontrivial to fix, as I've
> already discussed.  Did my words fall on deaf ears and you're proposing to
> go ahead?
>> Best,
>> Marcel

Hi Eliot.
Not deaf ears, but neither option seems trivial to me; a large portion of
the platform support code on Windows link against platform libraries.
Given the choice between having to rewriting all that to use only
Cygwin-provided libs*, or changing to a  non-cygwin mingw-w64 based LLP
build env, and fixing cogit to disambiguate long and void */usqintptr, I'd
rather spend what effort I can on helping achieve the latter.

The nice thing is the three required parts (platform, cogit, build env) can
all be achieved independently, while keeping the 32bit-build stable; there's
no explicit requirement to get an LLP build env running before even starting
to look at fixing cogit, and only when that works, look at platform
integration (ref. Nicolas' comments about warning-based fixes)


* As well as disallowing all use of natively compiled 64-bit libraries on
windows that include a long argument (or, to stay safe, anything not
provided by cygwin), and forever more binding the windows 64-bit build to a
Cygwin environment/compiler 

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