[Vm-dev] Re: [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] add the CameraPlugin support for Mac OS. (#26)

Yoshiki Ohshima Yoshiki.Ohshima at acm.org
Fri Jul 15 01:36:05 UTC 2016

I should have tested it.  Line 104 of

#define IOS 0

is supposed to prevent the compiler to see line 124:

[captureSession autorelease];

but we'd better have a different check.  I might not be able to get around
testing things at least until the 26th, but if anybody can test it, that is

On Thu, Jul 14, 2016 at 4:56 PM, Eliot Miranda <notifications at github.com>

> Hi Yoshiki, I've merged the request. But there's still work to do for
> 64-bits. The error is to do with the Objective-C GC policy on 64-bits,
> which differs from the 32-bit system. I suggest you talk with John McIntosh
> to understand what's needed. Here's the error when I include CameraPlugin
> in build.macos64x64/squeak.cog.spur/plugins.ext
>     pcrePtr = (sqInt) pcre_compile(patternStrPtr, compileFlags, &errorStrBuffer, &errorOffset, NULL);
> ../../platforms/iOS/plugins/CameraPlugin/AVFoundationVideoGrabber.m:124:21:
> error: 'autorelease' is unavailable: not available in automatic reference
> counting mode
> ../../platforms/iOS/plugins/CameraPlugin/AVFoundationVideoGrabber.m:124:21:
> error: ARC forbids explicit message send of 'autorelease'
> 3 warnings and 2 errors generated.
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-- Yoshiki
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