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stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 06:48:06 UTC 2016

Two points

> You know that I'm not found of the break it first, fix it later strategy.

I have no problem with that.
I have problem that automated tests do not catch it to free programmers and brain. 

> Though it sometimes happen that I get caught.
> Here it sounds like you are not granting to me this right to break things when in the same time this right is totally abused in every day Pharo development…

You see in Pharo our process is stagged. If the tests to not run, the tests is not in. 
For example this year we did not integrate Epicea and marcus tried 15 times (for real 15 times) 
this is just that you did not see it. Now we break things because we do not have enough tests and UI/widgets is not covered. 

> So despite the fact that you are completely right this time, I'd say that I would have been more inclined to take the lesson I deserved from say Eliot ;)
> I'm taking too much time writing this when there's probably more trouble with the spur VM currently and that ain't good.
> Stephane, I like your energy, and I wish I could use and promote Pharo, but please, keep it positive :)
> Tonight, you gave me bad vibrations :(
> Nicolas
> 2016-03-18 22:13 GMT+01:00 stephane ducasse <stephane.ducasse at gmail.com <mailto:stephane.ducasse at gmail.com>>:
> I wonder why you do not check our builds before pushing a change. Staging changes can make sure that
> we control the propagation of errors. And as you know, error = time = money.
> This is always difficult for someone to try to understand error that he had  no clue from where they come.
> Stef

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