[Vm-dev] I would be extremely grateful for a reproducible case for the following Socket issue

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 18:26:44 UTC 2016


On 8/13/2011 13:42, Levente Uzonyi wrote:

> Socket's readSemaphore is losing signals with CogVMs on linux. We
> found several cases (RFB, PostgreSQL) when processes are stuck in the
> following method:
> Socket >> waitForDataIfClosed: closedBlock
>     "Wait indefinitely for data to arrive.  This method will block until
>     data is available or the socket is closed."
>     [
>         (self primSocketReceiveDataAvailable: socketHandle)
>             ifTrue: [^self].
>         self isConnected
>             ifFalse: [^closedBlock value].
>         self readSemaphore wait ] repeat
> When we inspect the contexts, the process is waiting for the
> readSemaphore, but evaluating (self primSocketReceiveDataAvailable:
> socketHandle) yields true. Signaling the readSemaphore makes the
> process running again. As a workaround we replaced #wait with
> #waitTimeoutMSecs: and all our problems disappeared.
> The interpreter VM doesn't seem to have this bug, so I guess the bug
> was introduced with the changes of aio.c.
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Oh, interesting. We know this problem fairly well and have always worked
around by changing the wait in the above to a "waitTimeoutMSecs: 500"
which turns it into a soft busy loop. It would be interesting to see if
there's a bug in Cog which causes this. FWIW, here is the relevant portion:

             "Soft 500ms busy loop - to protect against AIO probs;
             occasionally, VM-level AIO fails to trip the semaphore"
             self readSemaphore waitTimeoutMSecs: 500.

   - Andreas
best, Eliot
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