[Vm-dev] 64-bit WideString access (was [squeak-dev] New Cog VMs available)

Levente Uzonyi leves at caesar.elte.hu
Thu Mar 31 01:16:23 UTC 2016

Hi Eliot,

I made a snippet to read the source of the method as an array of integers 
from the .mcz in the package cache:

(MCMczReader versionFromFile: 'package-cache/Multilingual-ul.210.mcz') 
snapshot definitions
 	detect: [ :each |
 		each isMethodDefinition
 			and: [ each className = #JapaneseEnvironment
 				and: [ each selector = #flapTabTextFor:in: ] ] ]
 	ifFound: [ :definition |
 		Array streamContents: [ :stream |
 			| source |
 			source := definition source.
 			1 to: source size do: [ :index |
 				stream nextPut: (source basicAt: index) ] ] ]
 	ifNone: [ self error ]

In MCMczReader >> #loadDefinitions, if you change this line

 		[:m | [^definitions := (DataStream on: m contentStream) next definitions]

to this

 		[:m | [ self error. ^definitions := (DataStream on: m contentStream) next definitions]

then the definition will be read from the sources instead of the binary 
snapshot, and you'll get the correct source code.

First I disabled all the ZipPlugin primitives to see if those are 
responsible for this issue, but they turned out to be okay.
Then I dag into DataStream, and I came to the conclusion that the issue is 
in BitBlt. The mangled characters appear when PositionableStream >> 
#nextWordsInto: applies some BitBlt magic to convert the read bytes into a 

Here's a snippet triggering the error:

| wideString source pos blt expectedWideString |
source := #[1 64 255 14 1 64 48 251].
expectedWideString := WideString fromByteArray: source.
wideString := WideString new: source size // 4.
pos := 0.
blt := (BitBlt
 	toForm: (Form new hackBits: wideString))
 	sourceForm: (Form new hackBits: source).
 	combinationRule: Form over;
 	sourceX: 0;
 	sourceY: pos // 4;
 	height: wideString byteSize // 4;
 	width: 4;
 	destX: 0;
 	destY: 0;
wideString restoreEndianness.
self assert: wideString = expectedWideString


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