[Vm-dev] UFFI on Squeak?

Jakob Reschke jakob.reschke at student.hpi.de
Wed May 18 11:51:26 UTC 2016


as recently announced, the new Pharo comes with UFFI. In some months,
I plan to begin a Squeak project which will involve binding to a C
library. So my question is, is UFFI in any way a Pharo specific thing
or will there be a port to Squeak (and possibly other environments
running on the Cog VM)? Or is there one already? If not, is it
possible and what is the part that would have to be adapted?

The overlying problem is to choose whether to realize the binding with
FFI, Alien, UFFI or the next best thing if available, or writing a
plugin instead.

Best regards

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