[Vm-dev] Benchmarks on Cuis 5.0 Spur + newest Cog VM

Tim Felgentreff timfelgentreff at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 08:15:55 UTC 2016

Hi, if you can share any of those benchmarks, I'd be happy to set some of
them up on speed.squeak.org


Luciano Notarfrancesco <luchiano at gmail.com> schrieb am Do., 17. Nov. 2016,

> Wow, the new VM is faaast!  (I know, I'm a little late on the game, I
> just finished migrating my code to a new image.)
> I'm comparing Cuis 5.0 Spur + newest Cog VM (32 bits) against Cuis 4.5
> Cog r3370 from 2015-6. Soon we'll see how things go with 64 bits too.
> All my benchmarks run faster. Integer arithmetic has improved (the
> simplest benchmark of '1000!' get speedup by 4.5x). Other more complex
> benchmarks that don't depend on large integer arithmetic run much
> faster too, like Groebner bases over Z/p with small p, as well as
> computing with permutation groups. Overall, the speedup is 1.5x to 5x,
> in some cases more.
> In one particular case (cyclic 7 Groebner basis over the prime field
> Z/32003, a standard benchmark for computer algebra systems) the
> speedup factor is 600x. But this seems to be a bug, either in the old
> VM/image combo or the new one, or something in my code that behaves
> differently in the new VM/image, because they don't produce the same
> output. I'll investigate it. Other than that, over 400 tests passed
> without problem.
> So, thanks to all that made this possible, specially Eliot and the
> vm-dev team, and Juan for migrating Cuis to Spur. Awesome work!
> Luciano
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