[Vm-dev] {Q] Pluggins for Spur

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 08:10:37 UTC 2016

In Cog on Mac I could put the Pluggins for VM like

1. Select the icon in Dock
2. Press right button and select Options -> Show in Finder
3. You should be into Applicatios folder and with the app selected
4. Press right button and select Show Package Contens
5. Navigate to Resources
6. Here my list

1. BochsIA32Plugin.bundle
2. ClipboardExtendedPlugin.bundle
3. CroquetPlugin.bundle
4. CurlPlugin.bundle
5. FloatArrayPlugin.bundle
6. FloatMathPlugin.bundle
7. FT2Plugin.bundle
8. IA32ABI.bundle 
9. KedamaPlugin.bundle
10. KedamaPlugin2.bundle
11. LocalePlugin.bundle
12. mpeg3Plugin.bundle
13. ObjectiveCPlugin.bundle
14. OggPlugin.bundle
15. PrintJobPlugin.bundle
16. QuicktimePlugin.bundle
17. RePlugin.bundle
18. RomePlugin.bundle
19. SerialExtendedUnixPlugin.bundle
20. ServicesPlugin.bundle
21. SpellingPlugin.bundle
22. SqueakFFIPrims.bundle
23. SqueakSSL.bundle
24. TestOSAPlugin.bundle
25. UnixOSProcessPlugin.bundle

I know not all of this work on Spur, sure no via putting all on Resources

My questions

Where I found the appropriate files for Linux and how is the step by step
way on having all this working on Linux?

Thanks in advance


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