[Vm-dev] Strange unix (Pi) vm event bug for july 2016 era vm build

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Oct 7 19:13:39 UTC 2016

> On 06-10-2016, at 11:49 PM, Fabio Niephaus <lists at fniephaus.com> wrote:
> Who decided to ship that VM with Raspbian?

Well obviously, I did - that’s my job. I don’t recall the exact sequence but evidently at some point I pulled the latest sources and built them, found it apparently ok and put it in place. Shortly later I repeated with later sources and built another release package for Pi and sent it off to Cambridge as a replacement. Sadly in the usual chaos surrounding a big release of hundreds of applications with a new UI and many other bits, something got lost and the older vm was left in the release. The image got updated again later after some RC testing by my small coterie of enthusiastic testers - but *they* were using the better vm and so nobody  had any problems with key events.

Pi Towers are assembling an updated .deb as I type.

> Even though this is the first "stable" release tag (which is why we used it for Squeak-5.1), it is known to have a keyboard input related bug. And like you said, the bug has apparently been fixed already, but I have no idea what was actually going on.

The interesting question here - as well as what was wrong and what fixed it - is how come I didn’t see any comments about key problems at the time. Clearly I wouldn’t have used the vm if I had any idea of such a problem. Not that that explains how it wasn’t completely obvious when I tried it out… all very odd.

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