[Vm-dev] Strange unix (Pi) vm event bug for july 2016 era vm build

Henrik Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Mon Oct 10 12:15:43 UTC 2016

> On 08 Oct 2016, at 5:43 , tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org> wrote:
> Right, well I think I have a handle on this oddity. It’s both trickier and simpler than I expected.
> We (as in Pi Towers) built a new package with the 20160818 0858 vm. Yippee!
> Oh pooh; install it and the bug is still there. Damn. How is this possible?
> Binary diff all the vm files (such fun) and they’re all identical. But when the vm is in my working directory it is fine - in the /usr/lib/blah end-user location, bug. How is it possible?
> Actually I’m going to stop there and see if anyone else spots what is happening, just for fun.
> tim

20160915 had one redeeming feature from my PoV; it shipped with a working OSProcessPlugin (thanks!)
20160915+1 does not. (but stdout/stdin/stderr, which gave write errors in previous, seem fixed).

I can't do
apt-get install nuscratch=20160915
to get the old version after a dist-upgrade, seemingly the package cache only maintains latest version?

The poor mans patch works though; downloading the old version manually from
archive.raspberrypi.org/debian/pool/main/n/nuscratch, and replacing the installed version.

A minor thing; secondary users can't run squeak/scratch by default, getting "pthread_setschedparam not permitted" error (The pi user must have quite some super rights...)
As the shipped vm is a ht variant, although the base case for scratch use rarely requires it*, it would be nice if /etc/security/limits.d/squeak.conf was added as part of the squeak package as described in README on f.ex. www.mirandabanda.org/files/Cog/VM/latest
I've tested, and it works.

(Also, the error message referenced a README with url to a non-existent build on mirandabanda.org, not sure if it was built from same source as CI, or if that message should be updated to reference bintray?)


* After all, there's no UI to change users, and though I guess some kid out there would find digging into unix cli authorization management** a blast, for the rest of us, it's something to endure when necessary.

**  "Why can't I see any WiFi nets? What do you mean my useradd'ed user isn't in the proper (netdev) group? Who is wpa_supplicant, and why is he making my life harder on purpose?"
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