[Vm-dev] VM building on Pi, OpenGL libraries and other fun things

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Sat Aug 12 14:27:08 UTC 2017

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 2:45 AM, tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org> wrote:

> > On 10-08-2017, at 10:43 AM, Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > You and I talked on the phone yesterday evening but for other's benefit
> in fstab # is the comment character.  See https://wiki.debian.org/fstab.
> So in the above you probably want to replace # with, say, a tab.
> Yah, but the really weird thing is that the damn afpfs command *does*
> actually get the stuff after the # ! No idea why or how.
> As an example, with /sbin/afpfs defined as
> #!/bin/bash
> set -x
> mount_afp $3 $4 $1 $2
> (with the set - x to make it output tracing so I can see what’s happening)
> and fstab including
> afpfs#afp://tim:miner5a@Diziet/tim /home/pi/TestDir fuse
> user=pi,group=root 0 0
> You get
> pi at Goldskin:~ $ sudo mount -all
> + mount_afp -o rw,group=root,user=pi,exec,suid,dev,dev,suid
> afp://tim:timpwd@Diziet/tim /home/pi/TestDir
> Unknown option exec, skipping
> Unknown option suid, skipping
> Unknown option dev, skipping
> Unknown option dev, skipping
> Unknown option suid, skipping
> Mounting Diziet from tim on /home/pi/TestDir
> Mounting of volume tim of server Diziet succeeded.
> I’m not having any cluefulness of how that ends up working. I can see how
> the $1 is "afp://tim:…" etc and $2 is "/home/pi/…" but surely the n$3
> should be ‘fuse’ and $4 ‘user=pi,group=root’ ? And yet it adds a ‘-o rw,’
> swaps the user & group bits, adds ‘suid’ and so on… madness. Just plain
> madness. Madness of a scale not seen since Mad Mick McMad won the All
> Scotland Maddest Mad competition
> The new part that seems to add some goodness was making the group=root
> instead of ‘fuse’. I tried that because of a comment about ‘the group
> should be the owner group of the /dev/fuse’ though it also said that ought
> to be ‘fuse’. Of course, the above fstab line makes mounting with `sudo
> mount -all` work but does not work when rebooting. To make booting work we
> have to add the systemd stuff and then - no mounted afpfs connection and
> trying mount -a doesn’t mount it either.
> So yeah; computers, eh? I know this really isn’t the best place in the
> world for all this but y’know - a group of people with simialr interests,
> plenty of unixisers, some with Pi. I *have* emailed the original author to
> see if he is still at large and interested. We’ll see.
> tim
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If you can't solve the problem, change the problem (again!)
nfs bad, afpfs bad,
may as well double down and go for the trifecta,
maybe try smb?



cheers -ben
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