[Vm-dev] Sometimes it's too easy, part II

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 20:20:16 UTC 2017


with C i was always wondering, why C standard does not provides
an unsigned integer type which size strictly corresponds to size of pointer
type, e.g.
sizeof(some standard uint) == sizeof(void*)
that would solve so many problems and make thing so much easier..

instead they had this:
Data Type: *ptrdiff_t*

This is the signed integer type of the result of subtracting two pointers.
For example, with the declaration char *p1, *p2;, the expression p2 - p1 is
of type ptrdiff_t. This will probably be one of the standard signed integer
types (short int, int or long int), but might be a nonstandard type that
exists only for this purpose.

it is easy to see, that sizeof(ptrdiff_t) should be _at least_ the
sizeof(void*), else it won't be able to cover all possible values when
taking difference between two pointers..
alas, it is signed.. and alas, nothing says that it cannot be _more_ than
size of pointer in memory.. simply because you can always fit values that
take 32 bits into 64-bit value holder..

One could say, that there's size_t that could be used as a unsigned
alternative to ptrdiff_t,
unfortunately, ISO gives no guarantees that its size corresponds to pointer

Btw,look what i found :)

that could be useful for implementing small-int arithmetics in plain C..
unfortunately this is extension, and don't shoot for  proposing to use
non-standard C herecy :)

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> >> Surely since we’re concerned about (ab)use of signed values for
> pointers
> >> to words we ought to define a ‘proper’ sqOop thing and use that
> >> instead of a slightly cleaned up derivative of how the Slang default was
> >> left as ‘int’ twenty years ago?
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> >> Yes, any change means a bunch of work to do but isn’t that always the
> >> price to improve things?
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Igor Stasenko.
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