[Vm-dev] Freeze after Morph Activity

Dan Norton dnorton at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 27 22:27:26 UTC 2017

On Debian8, CogSpur64 5.0-201612221637, Cuis 5.0 3043...

after lots of user interaction, views opening and closing, and 
animation, the image becomes unresponsive. Cmd+. does nothing and the 
clock in the Cuis taskbar no longer updates. The length of time to 
produce this varies from 5 to 20 minutes.

There seems to be no dump and no log. 'Smalltalk garbageCollectMost' 
reports 25550736 to 30517872 over 34 samples.

Sorry to be so vague. This has occurred with several images - sometimes  
scrolling through a senders list, or stepping through a debugger, but 
repeatably with one of my images. I can supply this image, warmed up so 
that it might not take so long to reproduce the problem if you would 
like. Or give me a hint as to how to narrow down the problem

  - Dan

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