[Vm-dev] pb with primitive #primitiveScreenDepth on Linux ?

Christophe Demarey christophe.demarey at inria.fr
Tue Jan 31 09:44:56 UTC 2017


With Pavel, we discovered a strange behavior of the primitive #primitiveScreenDepth on Linux. It returns a value of 24 bits per pixel (True colors) that looks valid but not supported (at least by Pharo).

DisplayScreen actualScreenDepth "(calling the primitive screenDepth)"
	=> 32 on OS X [OK]
	=> 24 on Linux [KO]

Also, it is not consistent with the primitive 91

DisplayScreen new supportsDisplayDepth: DisplayScreen actualScreenDepth
	=> true on OS X
	=> false on Linux

There are some safeguard image-side but it would be great if someone could check that vm side.


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