[Vm-dev] Mac VM mouse event oddness in dealing with button presses

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Mar 1 22:56:00 UTC 2017

I haven’t been using any mac VMs much since we got the Pi cog working, so this may be stuff that has crept in some time ago. 

click-left seems ok
click-middle sometimes gives me the yellow menu and sometimes the halo.
If I get the menu then fairly often (often enough to be *really* irritating) the menu either sticks to the mouse or simply sits there and ignores clicks outside (which ought to close it).
Other so-far-uncharacterisable annoyance also occurs.

It *seems* slightly less on a 5.0 AiO vm. It doesn’t seem to happen at all with the same 16693 image on my Pi. I’m using the same mouse (apple magic mouse) in all cases.

Indeed, it occurs to me that it might even explain how my Morphic-tpr.1324  ended up including Morphic-mt.1296 as an ancestor, with mist-handled clicks and whatnot.

Is anyone else using magic mouse/ latest packaged vm, updated image?

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