[Vm-dev] Cannot build successfully latest VM

Clément Bera bera.clement at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 16:00:24 UTC 2017


The latest VM that I build from open-smalltalk VM 2278 or 2280 does not
work (Stack overflow at start-up OR bugged UI with strange color making any
text impossible to read).

I have the problem on 2 different computers, Mac OS X and Linux.

I am able to build successfully the VM from 2274 but I can do it only with
a previous version of the platform files (else I got a linking error -
scavengeLog: used but not implemented).

I am not sure the problem comes from the recent platform files or the
recent changes in the VMMaker packages since they need each other to be
able to be compiled.

What is the right way to work around this problem ?

I am about to commit on VMMaker package Sista update but I cannot merge
with 2280 since I can't compile a working VM from there, so I'll commit
without merging if I cannot solve this problem


Clément Béra
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