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tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon Nov 27 05:59:29 UTC 2017

> About MiscPlugin... 
> I have set-up a project with my student for next semester (January-May). The idea is to:
> 1) Port Misc to standard plugin architecture.
> 2) Evaluate the performance of specific primitives in JIT intrinsic (I mean rewritten like SmallInteger>>#+ in the JIT), especially findSubString and compareString, both with standard instructions of Cog's RTL and with SSE4.2 string instructions.
> 3) Based on evaluation, consider to move 1 or 2 primitives from plugin to core VM primitives and add the intrinsic version in production.

Excellent. 1 & 3 were jobs Andreas & I planned to tackle *years* ago, part of our original ideas for the plugin stuff that just never got done. 2 of course wasn’t even a fantasy back then because no Cog, and I’d guess that several of the methods might run faster when Cogged than as typical primitives.

I would suggest adding the Bitmap methods to the BitBltPlugin, the SampleSound method to SoundGenerationPlugin (and repeat job 1 on that similarly messed plugin) and the ByteString methods to… well I’d like to say the core VM, but maybe a StringPrimsPlugin might be better. Maybe that would be a place to test out WideString equivalents, too.

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