[Vm-dev] Recreating live coding in CPython 3.5

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Wed Oct 11 13:58:41 UTC 2017

> On 11.10.2017, at 15:50, Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de> wrote:
> A couple years ago Paul Fernhout did start working on a Morphic environment in Python. He tried the live coding too, but couldn't get it to work. This was prompted by Alan Kay suggesting the need for a live coding environment for OLPC. Guido van Rossum himself stepped in and created a module that lets you replace most things on the fly. I don't recall how it worked exactly, but I'm sure you can find it. But it never found much acceptance in the Python community, AFAIK.


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