[Vm-dev] A problem with macOS VM

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 15:45:49 UTC 2017


I discovered interacting with UI (for example, the menu)  in mac actually freezes the image.
You can check it with this example: 

[ 30 timesRepeat: [
	DateAndTime now crLog. 
	1 second wait. ] ]

open a transcript and then go to play with the menu… you will see how the log stops. 
I think this happens because the vm is running in the main thread. And I remember years ago the VM was running on a worker thread while now is running on a single thread but the logic for run on worker thread is still there so I changed that (is just uncommenting a method send and commenting another) but then when I executed VM I got this error: 

fish: './Pharo.app/Contents/MacOS/Ph...' terminated by signal SIGPROF (Profiling timer expired)

this is with fish, the shell I use… if I execute with bash I obtain a simple: 

./Pharo.app/Contents/MacOS/Pharo: ./Pharo.app/Contents/MacOS/Pharo: cannot execute binary file

So… I would like to try again the worker thread, I feel is kind of bad the image freezes when interacting its (not much, but possible) native UI elements. Also, since I was woking on an ObjectiveC bridge (a simple port of John’s Alien bridge to UFFI), I want to enable the possibility of doing some native UI at least for macs.


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