[Vm-dev] Has anyone done a tutorial on...

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Thu Sep 21 14:13:50 UTC 2017

Craig Latta wrote
>      Have you tried the GitHub Desktop macOS app from GitHub? I find it
> to be not scary.

+1. I have been pleasantly surprised by its ease of use, although I'm using
it less now because I can now handle my workflow* in Iceberg. Also, don't be
mislead by the name; you can manage any git repo, not just those w. GH
remotes. You just get a few extra convenience features for GH projects (e.g.
open GH repo page in web browser).

* unless I have to do something non-standard, like unwind a mistaken push to
remote, in which case I drop down to the command line

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